“The opportunities for discovery in the life sciences right now are greater than ever. The Biosciences Initiative means that the University of Michigan can make sure that we develop the cutting-edge technology for all of our faculty, and recruit leaders and the best new young faculty in these emerging areas, as well as explore new educational paths to train the next generation of life scientists so that they can excel in this rapidly evolving field. I think Michigan is in a unique place and has enormous opportunity to advance quickly in the life sciences.”

Roger Cone, Vice Provost, Director of the Biosciences Initiative
Roger Cone

Established in 2017, the Biosciences Initiative (BSI) aims to advance interdisciplinary research across the biological sciences. Our goal is to bring together diverse expertise from across the university to tackle significant challenges in bioscience, develop innovative solutions, and educate future leaders in the field.


Central to our efforts is the promotion of collaboration and high-risk, high-reward research. We encourage researchers to explore complex biological questions and seek solutions that have the potential for significant impact. By providing the necessary resources, funding, and infrastructure, we aim to create an environment where bioscience research can thrive.

The BSI has made significant strides in enhancing bioscience research at U-M:

Learn more about the Biosciences Initiative: 2023 Annual Report

This Biosciences Initiative’s 2023 Annual Report showcases the incredible team of faculty engaged in the Biosciences Initiative (BSI) programs here at U-M. It provides updates on our nine scientific research initiatives, celebrates awards and recognitions, and shines a light on the BSI’s unique resources, opportunities, and events.

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