University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative

The Biosciences Initiative focuses on funding cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, expert faculty hires, collaboration, and postgraduate education across the biological sciences at U-M.

Areas of Focus

Scientific Research Initiatives

After careful evaluation of two annual competition rounds, the Biosciences Initiative (BSI) has awarded a significant funding amount of $132.7 million to support nine major Scientific Research Initiative (SRI) programs. These programs are strategically developed to drive transformative transdisciplinary discoveries in critical areas of bioscience study, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

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The Biosciences Initiative (BSI) supports and funds centralized facilities and labs that provide valuable shared services, equipment, resources, and expertise to scientific researchers at the University of Michigan. These cores play a vital role in facilitating research across the university, and the BSI’s dedicated cores website offers users an interactive platform to explore and learn about the wide range of services, equipment, and instrumentation available across the university’s 95 core facilities.

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Faculty Hires

The Biosciences RFA program has a primary goal of hiring 30 tenure-track faculty members to drive progress in emerging bioscience fields at U-M. This program is specifically designed to encourage the creation of new collaborative, transdisciplinary programs or the enhancement of existing ones. It places significant emphasis on the involvement of experienced faculty members who serve as thought leaders.

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Funding and Awards

The Biosciences Initiative provides robust funding opportunities and prestigious awards to support and recognize excellence in biosciences research. Through BSI, researchers can access various funding programs for their innovative projects, while outstanding achievements are celebrated with esteemed awards, fostering a dynamic and thriving biosciences community.

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