Faculty Hiring

Dedicated to assembling and fostering distinguished faculty, the initiative strategically recruits for its nine Scientific Research Initiatives (SRIs) and extends support to Biological Sciences Scholars Program (BSSP) awardees.

The Biological Sciences Scholars Program (BSSP), established in 1998 within the Medical School, has been a cornerstone of U-M’s commitment to attracting top-tier junior faculty. This program is designed to bring in exceptional candidates by offering additional funds to enhance startup packages along with the prestigious title of Biological Sciences Scholar

In 2018, the Biosciences Initiative Coordinating Committee (BICC) expanded the BSSP to all 11 units conducting life sciences research, fostering the development of a new generation of leaders in bioscience research across U-M. This expansion has allowed us to broaden our reach and continue our mission of advancing the biosciences field.

For more information about the BSSP program, including how to apply, the selection process for scholars, and more, please click here. Questions about the BSSP program can also be directed to bsspapply@umich.edu or tpkeeler@med.umich.edu

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