Biosciences Initiative News

  • Expert Stephanie Moon joins U-M as BSI Faculty Hire (11/19/19) - RNA Biomedicine scientific research initiative brings expert Stephanie Moon, Ph.D., onboard as their first BSI faculty hire. Moon joins U-M as an assistant professor for Michigan Medicine’s Human Genetics, and is a faculty scholar of the Center for RNA Biomedicine, and will start in 2020.
  • BSI awards $5.1M to enhance research cores (10/23/19) - Scientific equipment used across the breadth of biology at U-M is getting a $5.1 million boost. The four newly awarded research cores are using their BSI funds toward instruments that aid in understanding complex research challenges. Enhanced equipment includes: Mass Spectrometers, Light Sheet Microscope, Acoustic Liquid Handler, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation.
  • Ideas Lab Workshop on Predicting Human Performance (10/30/19) - With new technologies like wearables, we are closer than ever to understanding and predicting human performance. BSI invited 25 experts in diverse fields from across U-M to collaborate in the 2019 Predicting Human Performance Ideas Lab, giving them the chance to receive a portion of the $3 million in funding toward research in this field.
  • U-M Welcomes Inaugural BSI Faculty Hire (6/17/19) - Joining the Natural Products Drug Discovery scientific research initiative, Roland Kersten, Ph.D., is the first official faculty hire for the BSI program. Kersten also comes to U-M as a Biological Sciences Scholar and assistant professor for Pharmacy’s Medicinal Chemistry Department.  
  • 2019 RFA: Six Applications Invited to Advance to Full Proposal (5/31/19) - In April, BSI received letters of intent for the 2019 RFA Scientific Research Initiative projects. The BICC reviewed all letters of intent and invited the top six scientific research initiative projects to advance and submit a full proposal by Aug. 30. Awards will be announced in December.
  • Newsletter: Spring 2019 - BSI releases its second newsletter edition, which includes updates on 2018 grantees, 2019 activities and upcoming funding opportunities to be on the lookout for. Stay up to date on BSI activities by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this News page.
  • Michigan Research Cores database aids U-M science researchers (2/14/19) - U-M is full of rich core resources, but they are often challenging to find. The new Michigan Research Cores web portal enables researchers to easily find and identify the location and capabilities of 70 research cores across campus. Find the portal at:
  • Biosciences Initiative offers new Core Lab Funding Program (2/8/19) - BSI is proud to announce The Core Lab Funding Program, a funding opportunity that aims to enhance technology at existing core laboratories and/or create new core laboratories to advance the research capabilities of U-M investigators.
  • Biosciences Initiative issues second round of Request for Applications (2/1/19) - BSI invites U-M Ann Arbor faculty to submit proposals for funding in two categories: Scientific Research Initiatives and Exploratory Funding. This announcement marks the second round of this RFA.
  • Newsletter: Winter 2018 - BSI launches its first newsletter edition, which includes updates on activities over the last year and upcoming events to be on the lookout for, including new funding opportunities. Stay up to date on BSI activities by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of this News page.

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