2019 Ideas Lab: Predicting Human Performance

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2019 Ideas Lab: Predicting Human Performance

This 2019 Ideas Lab poses a challenge in the area of predicting human performance. BSI has allocated up to $3 million for transformative research programs developed by participants in this U-M Ideas Lab. We hope to propel U-M to a position of national prominence in this area of novel, interdisciplinary approaches to predicting human performance based on existing strengths across campus.

Through this Ideas Lab, participants will work to identify pathways and results from the basic biological sciences that can be modeled to predict how diverse factors can work together to predict future human performance. Real world applications will be pursued using data sets from wearables, apps and omics with a goal of building mobile tools that can be widely used in the future by the U-M community and the public.

Ideas Lab Funding

BSI hosted the three-day Ideas Lab workshop on predicting human performance Oct. 13-15, bringing together U-M faculty from 11 different schools and institutes — Music, Theatre, and Dance; Business; Dentistry; Medicine; Engineering; Law; Life Sciences; Kinesiology; Literature, Science, and the Arts; Public Health; and Art and Design.

Participants created interdisciplinary teams around the innovative research ideas they developed and worked on pre-proposals they presented at the end of the workshop. These collaborative teams will be invited to submit full proposals for the opportunity of funding.