Core Lab Funding Program

The Core Lab Funding Program is a Biosciences Initiative funding opportunity that aims to enhance technology at existing core laboratories and/or create new core laboratories to advance the research capabilities of U-M investigators. Proposals require a plan to make any proposed new cores fully sustainable after a three-year launch period.

The Biosciences Initiative has reopened select opportunities for funding, and will begin accepting applications on an ongoing basis for the Core Lab funding program. Applicants may request funds for a new core or for additional equipment to supplement a core that already exists at U-M.

Applications for the Core Lab Funding program will be considered on a rolling basis.
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Core Lab Funding Program Resources

This BSI program is similar to the NIH S10 Equipment Grant. BSI Core Lab Funding applicants may also be interested in applying to NIH’s program.

NIH S10 Instrumentation Grant Programs Resources

Explore Cores Across Campus

The Biosciences Initiative and Medical School Office of Research have partnered to create a powerful, searchable database with information on research cores across campus. The Michigan Research Cores web portal now enables researchers to easily find and identify the location and capabilities of over 90 research cores across campus. Visit the site now:

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